PRESS RELEASE ,Hog roast catering company diversifies in wake of Covid-19 pandemic


A North East specialist catering company have successfully diversified their business after launching
at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Husband and wife team, Jarrod and Renata Stokes launched catering business Let’s Hog Roast in
March 2020, just weeks prior to the country’s first lockdown due to the worldwide pandemic.
The business, which provides delicious hog roasts for corporate events, weddings and parties, was
successful in securing their initial impressive client, Amazon, just prior to the national lockdown, as
they launched their new warehouse facility in Bowburn, Durham.
The hog roast catering service was a perfect fit for the Amazon launch, bringing together all of their
Durham based workforce to celebrate in a relaxed and unique setting.
Jarrod and Renata have over 30 years’ experience within the catering and events management
industry, more recently, attending and organising food festivals and promotional events throughout
the UK.
When the couple had to pause the business due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they quickly decided to
diversify and create sister company, Let’s Grill, a mobile catering unit which is currently based at
Middlesbrough’s Canon Park.
Joint owner, Jarrod Stokes commented, “After getting Let’s Hog Roast off to a great start in March
last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to pause the business, we knew we had to diversify
to ensure our brand and high-quality food offering continued to be in the minds of the public.
We are delighted that our mobile catering unit, Let’s Grill, has been successful and very well received
by the people of the North East, it has meant we can still provide the high-quality food and service
our customers have come to expect from us.”
Events management specialist and joint owner of the business, Renata Stokes, said, “Obviously, we
were very disappointed that Let’s Hog Roast had to pause, however, by diversifying quickly, it has
meant we have maintained our company exposure and kept in touch with our many customers.
A hog roast is such a fun and unique food choice to have at an event and a great talking point, we’re
delighted we are already taking bookings for later in 2021 and next year, we’re very optimistic Let’s
Hog Roast can take off once again when restrictions are lifted, however, for now, Let’s Grill is
enabling us to continue our successful catering business.”
To find out more about Let’s Hog Roast and to view their website, please visit:


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